Fitness Fashion Weekly Roundup 2/8/2015

What a great week! I dialed down my ClassPass classes this week, because I was ramping up some activities in other areas and really didn’t want to overdo it.

In Seawheeze news, I got two really decent runs in this week with no serious issues. Better than my last run.

I also had a ski trip yesterday that I really didn’t want to be tired for. Unfortunately I think I may have “skier’s thumb” from a fall on my first run (arg!), so not sure what my workouts will look like this week until I see a doctor. I did try half an hour of yoga tonight without incident, so it looks like I’ve still got full body active options on the table.

Diet has been excellent, since I started a Whole30 last Sunday! I have such a love/hate relationship with the Whole30. It’s tough, but I always feel so great and see such amazing results!

Now for what I wore this week. As always, click on the thumbnail to better see the outfit and read more details!




In my quest to track more metrics about my fitness journey, I decided to take a look at WHERE I’m working out, not just when/how long/at what intensity/etc. This is only tracking the classes I’ve taken through ClassPass, and not any other studio or home/run activities, but it’s still cool to look at. I’ve created a chloropleth map (the darker colors indicate where I’ve taken more classes, the lighter colors indicate where I’ve taken fewer classes) of my ClassPass activities below – click the link to see the map! Class locations are mapped by census block and tract, and I’ve labeled each tract (which in my case indicate individual studios) with the number of times I’ve visited that studio. I didn’t realize how spread out the studios were, until I started looking at this map, and can barely see all of the locations at once. I took a look at some distances, and it turns out I’m traveling an average of 26.5 miles per week to class! That’s more than a marathon! I’ve traveled a grand total of 345 miles so far, which is about the distance from NYC to Richmond, Virginia! And, it’s an average of 7.5 miles per class. Thank goodness for the subway! I’m excited to add on to this map, especially in new cities using my ClassPass Flex! How far you do commute to workout?


Fitness Fashion Weekly Roundup 2/1/2015

Another week, another outfit lineup! After a bunch of really tough workouts last week, and a snowstorm this week, I decided to take a few days off. Boy did my body need it. When I went back to my first class after a few days of rest and gentle yoga, I felt amazing! I actually thought my rowing class was pretty easy – the wheel felt so light! But after class, I heard multiple people talking about how hard the class was! What a confidence boost, and total confirmation that my body needs rest in order to grow and perform. Speaking of boosting performance, I started my third Whole30 today! Each Whole30 is different, and I’m excited to see what this one brings!

Anyway, back to the fashion 😉 To see a full shot, details and other notes about each outfit, click on the image!

Rolling with the Punches

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been feeling some tenderness in the top of my right foot lately. I decided to take a rest from my runs to see if this discomfort would go away. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure I was still doing things to improve my overall fitness and mobility. Last week was just plain crazy with some pretty significant changes in my personal/work situation, so I knew it would be hard to fit in workouts anyway.

Friday night was a big night out to celebrate some of the aforementioned changes. While this was a food and drink calorie-fest, it also turned into a pretty epic dance night so…I’ll call it a draw. Saturday was nothing but a recovery day in every sense of the word.

Sunday is when I got back to business. Since I had so much fun dancing Friday night, I ended up doing about half an hour of hip hop workout routines, followed by this awesome program I stumbled across called the Anti Office Workout. The general idea behind this workout is: “It addresses the muscle imbalances and posture problems that develop from constantly sitting”. Boy do I need that. It focuses on hips and shoulders, two of my most persistent problem areas that I truly believe are constant issues because of sitting at a desk all day. I was still pretty pooped from the weekend antics, so I only made it through the bridge part of the corrective workout (after doing the soft tissue work and stretching). I hope that incorporating these movements will help with mobility and strength, and by extension my performance and injury prevention.

How was everyone’s weekend? Anybody try a great new workout?