Fitness Fashion Weekly Roundup 2/1/2015

Another week, another outfit lineup! After a bunch of really tough workouts last week, and a snowstorm this week, I decided to take a few days off. Boy did my body need it. When I went back to my first class after a few days of rest and gentle yoga, I felt amazing! I actually thought my rowing class was pretty easy – the wheel felt so light! But after class, I heard multiple people talking about how hard the class was! What a confidence boost, and total confirmation that my body needs rest in order to grow and perform. Speaking of boosting performance, I started my third Whole30 today! Each Whole30 is different, and I’m excited to see what this one brings!

Anyway, back to the fashion 😉 To see a full shot, details and other notes about each outfit, click on the image!


Fitness Fashion Weekly Roundup 1/25/2015

This week I started posting my workout outfits on Instagram, and they seemed to be a hit. So I thought, why not do a quick roundup of the week’s outfits here. I think this would be a good place to leave some notes and feedback on some of the pieces I wear, too – click on the outfit image to get more details about what I wore! Do you enjoy seeing galleries like this?

Yoga Monday

Finally home from my weekend travels to my hometown, and a no-run day, it was a great night for some “easy” yoga. I definitely worked up a sweat, but didn’t do anything TOO taxing. Tonight I decided to try Yoga Practice for Runners by Ekhart Yoga. I really enjoyed this practice, especially the instructor, Esther Ekhart.

The practice was extremely easy to follow just on vocal cues, which I really value in a YouTube practice. Having to disrupt my poses or flow to look up at the TV to see what I’m supposed to be doing is annoying and sometimes counter productive. Honestly I didn’t really find myself watching her at all, just listening to her cues, which allowed me to really pay attention to ME and my alignment (isn’t that the point?!). So often I find myself only focusing on what is going on on the TV and really paying no attention to what I’m doing with my body – not the case with this practice. I will definitely be using this practice again, and checking out some of the other goodies from this team!

Finally, I thought I’d start adding a bit about what I’m wearing for my workouts. I really love seeing fitness fashion on other folks’ blogs and vlogs.

Monday Yoga