Skier’s Thumb and Walking a Half Marathon?

Sometimes…things happen. That result in injury. For some reason, these things seem to happen to me more often than the average person.

Several weeks ago we decided to go skiing. Of course skiing comes with some degree of risk, but I never realized my thumbs were in jeopardy. On my first run of the day, a crazy snowboarder cut me off, I turned hard and went down. On my left hand. On my pole.

Little did I know that this is a textbook skiing injury that’s actually called “Skier’s Thumb”. Honestly, it hurt and was mega-swollen, but I skied the rest of the day and figured I had just jammed it.

Because it was my thumb, which is sort of an important digit, I went to the doctor the next day. I really wasn’t prepared to hear the news that I had Skier’s Thumb – a tear of the UCL of the thumb. What I thought was a minor injury was at least 8 weeks in a splint and the possibility of surgery! What really made the world come crashing down, though, was the news that I wouldn’t be able to row at all until my thumb was fully healed. Or any other activity that required bearing weight or gripping with that hand (thankfully my left since I’m right handed!). Major bummer.

I was cleared to run and cycle, so instead of freaking out and giving up (ok, I gave myself a day to cry and feel sorry for myself, but only ONE day), I decided I would do what I could. So far this has been an unexpected success, but not like I thought it would be…

I decided to put my energy into my running, since I have the Seawheeze coming up in August, and it was time for me to start training anyway. This didn’t last long.

I have had hip issues for a few years, and every time I have it checked out it is diagnosed as hip bursitis. This annoying condition decided to flare up in a MAJOR way only about a week and a half into my running. This had more of an effect on me than the thumb diagnosis for a few reasons. First, double whammy. Wasn’t prepared for this, since I had been running OK for a while. Second, this flare up was so bad I really couldn’t do much of anything for a week or two.

While I was down, I decided that maybe it was time to make a change. I decided that I would start to consider not running at all. Not giving up, but doing something differently.

I started to consider walking the entire half marathon, and training for this as a walk and not a run. I’ve started following a walking plan to see what happens, and am going to try this out for a few weeks to see if it might be an option.

Anyone have advice for walking a half marathon? I’m definitely having trouble finding a lot of information on this.

Ups & Downs

Some days are good, and some days are bad. It has been a week of ups and downs.

I tried to go for a run about a week ago, and my foot pain returned. At this point, I have no idea what’s going on with this foot – it doesn’t hurt when I run, and seems the worst first thing in the morning. I backed off of run/walking again and think I’m going to have to finally have this checked out (instead of ignoring it and pretending it wasn’t an issue). Bummer.

In addition to the weird foot, I definitely injured a tendon in my elbow at a yoga class last week. It doesn’t seem to be anything major, but it does hold me back a little bit in some classes. I’m trying to keep up with my cardio classes and avoid anything that’s too intense on my elbow for now.

BUT…despite these setbacks, I had a major week of breakthroughs, too. First, I sat front and center at my absolute favorite rowing class at Brooklyn Crew. I have been feeling really strong in these classes (45 minutes of rowing on a Concept2 dynamic rower), and even got some props from the instructor after class on Saturday about my performance in class. The dynamic is a lot different than a Model C or D, and really works the core muscles – a weak area for me. The feedback from the instructor has really boosted my confidence and helps me know that I’m making progress.

My other big milestone was taking – and surviving – a spin class last weekend! I had only tried spinning once before, and was completely WRECKED afterward. No joke, I had to work from home the Monday after I took the class because I literally couldn’t walk, and I was in pretty extreme pain for over a week. I finally got up the courage to try another class and I LOVED IT. And, the day after I’m a little sore, but totally functional. Woohoo! Not only did I feel great during and after the workout, I absolutely adored the studio, The Monster Cycle + Studio and instructor. It was so great that my husband and I both bought shirts from the studio on our very first visit and already signed up for more classes. One of the great draws of this studio is the two giant screens playing the music videos of the great playlist songs. It’s really awesome to have something to look at while pedaling to the beat. And the instructor was just the right ratio of encouraging, fun and silly. Another great perk was being able to order a smoothie before class, and have it ready and waiting as soon as class was over! I absolutely cannot wait to go back next weekend!

To balance out all of this high intensity workouts, I make sure I’m getting 1-2 restorative yoga classes in per week. My restorative teacher often talks about chakras during class, and I’ve recently discovered malas. I think these meditation tools are really awesome, and I started making some malas that correspond to chakra colors! My first two handmade malas are below! It was so fun to make these, and they turned out so well I decided to put them up in my Etsy store (click on the photos to visit the Etsy listing!). I can’t wait to make more. My plan is to have one mala for each major chakra color, to wear or meditate with on days when I’m feeling like the skill or organs connected to that chakra are in need of a little help!

Green Heart Chakra Mala

Green Heart Chakra Mala

Blue Throat Chakra Mala

Blue Throat Chakra Mala

Have you ever used a mala? If so, I’d love to hear more about your experience and how you’ve used it!

Rolling with the Punches

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been feeling some tenderness in the top of my right foot lately. I decided to take a rest from my runs to see if this discomfort would go away. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure I was still doing things to improve my overall fitness and mobility. Last week was just plain crazy with some pretty significant changes in my personal/work situation, so I knew it would be hard to fit in workouts anyway.

Friday night was a big night out to celebrate some of the aforementioned changes. While this was a food and drink calorie-fest, it also turned into a pretty epic dance night so…I’ll call it a draw. Saturday was nothing but a recovery day in every sense of the word.

Sunday is when I got back to business. Since I had so much fun dancing Friday night, I ended up doing about half an hour of hip hop workout routines, followed by this awesome program I stumbled across called the Anti Office Workout. The general idea behind this workout is: “It addresses the muscle imbalances and posture problems that develop from constantly sitting”. Boy do I need that. It focuses on hips and shoulders, two of my most persistent problem areas that I truly believe are constant issues because of sitting at a desk all day. I was still pretty pooped from the weekend antics, so I only made it through the bridge part of the corrective workout (after doing the soft tissue work and stretching). I hope that incorporating these movements will help with mobility and strength, and by extension my performance and injury prevention.

How was everyone’s weekend? Anybody try a great new workout?

Sunday Sickday

Sadly, this week’s Sunday Runday turned into Sunday Sickday. While I managed to drag myself all over NYC to make some time-sensitive returns and buy some fancy new running gear, I felt like garbage all day and ended up sleeping the entire afternoon and evening. Which meant no running. Since I’ve been feeling a bit achy, including a foot that’s been a little sore, I suppose the extra day of rest wasn’t a horrible thing. While I really want to stick to a regular schedule, I definitely need to make sure I’m listening to my body as well.

Feeling sick has also flushed my diet down the toilet, including taco bell, tortilla chips and popcorn today. Yikes. I ate like…no actual, real food today. I really feel like one thing that will help me get to my final goal of SeaWheeze is dropping some weight. I’m not really one with body image issues, I just think that I’d be a much more efficient and less-injury-plagued runner if I wasn’t carrying around so much weight. Unfortunately, I know that eating Paleo will absolutely help me drop the weight, I’m just sometimes pretty weak when it comes to eating…garbage. I find it hard to maintain the 80% paleo rule. I seem to be a little all-or-nothing when it comes to my diet. I’ve completed two Whole30’s, so I know I can commit, but it seems when I’m not going all out, I have a hard time keeping on a reasonable track. Does anyone have any advise for something like this?

In other, more fun news, I picked up some running goodies today. I had been intrigued by CW-X’s Stabilyx tights for a while. I asked for some advice from my favorite triathlon resource, and got incredibly positive feedback about the tights. So today I picked up a pair of the Stabilyx tights as well as the Ventilator top. While I went in for the pants, I might be even more excited about the top. I have always had trouble with my posture, even when not running. Unfortunately in the last six months my poor posture has created some injury issues in my shoulder. This top is designed to help with posture, and I think it will be really helpful while running. Even though I try to concentrate on my posture a lot while running, I know when I get tired I start to slouch. I’m hoping this will help out with that. The tights are designed to support your joints and muscles, as well as aid with recovery. It’s still a little warm in NYC for full tights so it might be a while before I wear them, but I’ll be sure to post a review once I’ve given them a spin.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and great runs! I have a really crazy work week coming up, but hope to post some reviews of some new fitness classes I want to try through ClassPass soon!

Run #5

Ah, Thursday. So close to the weekend, yet so far away. In true “perpetually injured” form, I spent my morning at the doctor’s office, getting x-rays on a very painful thumb. Honestly, I have no clue what happened, other than I woke up one day with lots of pain and the next day it was worse. I really don’t want to play any games with my thumbs so to the doctor I went.


Not quite sure what the full diagnosis is at this point, but the good news is, I still got my run in. Can barely tie my shoes with only one thumb, but once I got past that it was smooth sailing. A nice dusk run, warm but not too warm, on a super flat out and back. Nothing to write home about, just getting the miles in.

What I DID get excited about last night was my shiny new membership to ClassPass. I am beyond excited to try out this new subscription type service. $99/month gets you unlimited classes at participating studios. While you can’t visit any one studio more than three times a month, I doubt that will be a problem given the crazy number of studios to choose from. While I haven’t sensed anything alarming while running, I can already feel my knees raging post-run, and am looking forward to getting in some cross training this way. I’m even considering replacing one of my three weekly runs with a lower impact class. I have been dying to try out a class at AQUA, so once my hand is cleared I intend to make that my first reservation. I’m also pumped to do some yoga outside of my living room, constantly dodging my two dogs. Has anyone out there tried ClassPass before? Would love to hear some recommendations.

Happy weekend!


  • 5 minute warm up
  • 12 x 2:00 walk, 0:20 run
  • 2:00 walk
  • 5 minute cool down