Skier’s Thumb and Walking a Half Marathon?

Sometimes…things happen. That result in injury. For some reason, these things seem to happen to me more often than the average person.

Several weeks ago we decided to go skiing. Of course skiing comes with some degree of risk, but I never realized my thumbs were in jeopardy. On my first run of the day, a crazy snowboarder cut me off, I turned hard and went down. On my left hand. On my pole.

Little did I know that this is a textbook skiing injury that’s actually called “Skier’s Thumb”. Honestly, it hurt and was mega-swollen, but I skied the rest of the day and figured I had just jammed it.

Because it was my thumb, which is sort of an important digit, I went to the doctor the next day. I really wasn’t prepared to hear the news that I had Skier’s Thumb – a tear of the UCL of the thumb. What I thought was a minor injury was at least 8 weeks in a splint and the possibility of surgery! What really made the world come crashing down, though, was the news that I wouldn’t be able to row at all until my thumb was fully healed. Or any other activity that required bearing weight or gripping with that hand (thankfully my left since I’m right handed!). Major bummer.

I was cleared to run and cycle, so instead of freaking out and giving up (ok, I gave myself a day to cry and feel sorry for myself, but only ONE day), I decided I would do what I could. So far this has been an unexpected success, but not like I thought it would be…

I decided to put my energy into my running, since I have the Seawheeze coming up in August, and it was time for me to start training anyway. This didn’t last long.

I have had hip issues for a few years, and every time I have it checked out it is diagnosed as hip bursitis. This annoying condition decided to flare up in a MAJOR way only about a week and a half into my running. This had more of an effect on me than the thumb diagnosis for a few reasons. First, double whammy. Wasn’t prepared for this, since I had been running OK for a while. Second, this flare up was so bad I really couldn’t do much of anything for a week or two.

While I was down, I decided that maybe it was time to make a change. I decided that I would start to consider not running at all. Not giving up, but doing something differently.

I started to consider walking the entire half marathon, and training for this as a walk and not a run. I’ve started following a walking plan to see what happens, and am going to try this out for a few weeks to see if it might be an option.

Anyone have advice for walking a half marathon? I’m definitely having trouble finding a lot of information on this.

Fitness Fashion Weekly Roundup 2/8/2015

What a great week! I dialed down my ClassPass classes this week, because I was ramping up some activities in other areas and really didn’t want to overdo it.

In Seawheeze news, I got two really decent runs in this week with no serious issues. Better than my last run.

I also had a ski trip yesterday that I really didn’t want to be tired for. Unfortunately I think I may have “skier’s thumb” from a fall on my first run (arg!), so not sure what my workouts will look like this week until I see a doctor. I did try half an hour of yoga tonight without incident, so it looks like I’ve still got full body active options on the table.

Diet has been excellent, since I started a Whole30 last Sunday! I have such a love/hate relationship with the Whole30. It’s tough, but I always feel so great and see such amazing results!

Now for what I wore this week. As always, click on the thumbnail to better see the outfit and read more details!




Fitness Fashion Weekly Roundup 2/1/2015

Another week, another outfit lineup! After a bunch of really tough workouts last week, and a snowstorm this week, I decided to take a few days off. Boy did my body need it. When I went back to my first class after a few days of rest and gentle yoga, I felt amazing! I actually thought my rowing class was pretty easy – the wheel felt so light! But after class, I heard multiple people talking about how hard the class was! What a confidence boost, and total confirmation that my body needs rest in order to grow and perform. Speaking of boosting performance, I started my third Whole30 today! Each Whole30 is different, and I’m excited to see what this one brings!

Anyway, back to the fashion 😉 To see a full shot, details and other notes about each outfit, click on the image!

Monday Run

My Saturday run felt pretty good, so instead of a last minute rowing session, I decided to squeeze in another run tonight. Unfortunately I was in a huge hurry and it was already dark so I ran on the treadmill. Ugh. Hatehatehate.

But, I got the minutes in, and am so glad I did! One more run in the books!

  • 2 minute warm up
  • 8 x 2:30 walk, 0:30 run
  • 4 minute cool down

The highlight of my evening, however, was this killer soup I made for dinner. It is SO. DELICIOUS. I love this “recipe” because it’s so simple. I didn’t measure anything, I just chopped stuff and threw it in a dutch oven. Who doesn’t love a healthy, one-pot meal (that happens to make a LOT for leftovers and freezing)?!


NYC Marathon Weekend!

What a weekend! For the second year in a row I hosted a friend from college who was running the NYC marathon. While I didn’t have time to post, I still got my workouts in, and then some!

He arrived on Thursday, but I still had time to hit up my Aquacycling class. I made a quick stop at a nearby Lululemon, hoping they’d have some of the special edition NYC marathon gear. I was only interested in one piece, and thought it wouldn’t be taboo to buy and wear, since there was no mention of “marathon” or “2014” on it. I asked the first “educator” I saw if they had marathon pieces and she said “We have two”. Shoot. “The one I’m wearing (a sweatshirt) and…”. MY PANTS! Anyway, they are awesome, and they are mine.

NYC skyline on Run Inspire Crops!

NYC skyline on Run Inspire Crops!

The skyline is reflective!

The skyline is reflective!

After that I met up with my friend and headed to the marathon expo to pick up his race packet and do some shopping. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get another deranged turkey headband from Sweaty Bands (I love these things – I have a lot of trouble with headbands staying put and these seem to work!), and picked up some Nuun on the expo discount.


Back to the workout of the day, I took a different instructor at AQUA this time. I thought my first session was a little lower in intensity than I was looking for, and after reading instructor bios I thought this one might work. It was definitely a more intense workout, but more of a regular spinning type of workout (meaning a lot less upper body, which bummed me out). No matter what, I still got in a great workout.

Post expo, we had just enough time to get ready for Hallowmeme. I was “Hot Dogs or Legs?“.

Hot dogs or legs?

Hot dogs or legs?

Friday was a rest day. Saturday I made it to another great class at Row House. 50 minutes of sweat. It was wonderful. I am LOVING rowing. Lovelovelove. They even had leftover glow sticks from Halloween – rowing with glow sticks in the dark – amazing. I’ve also been doing some research into rowing, and most people agree that gains in rowing readily translate to running. Great news. Since my rowing studio is just down the street from New York Running Company, I stopped in after class to check out some shoes I spotted at the marathon expo. I’m just going to drop in some pictures below, and you can see for yourself why I HAD to have these. They are AMAZING!

IMG_20141104_084442~2 IMG_20141104_084524 IMG_20141104_084546

Then, the main event! Marathon Sunday! The marathon is my favorite event that takes place in NYC. I watch/cheer every year, and every year I end up crying. I am always overcome by the energy and inspiration. My friend and I set up 3 mid-race checkpoints and a meet up spot for post-race. So fun to run around the city and see different parts of the race. I knew I did a lot of walking, especially when I walked from 112th Street and 5th Ave to 75th and Columbus. I decided to map out everything and it turns out I walked around 7 miles just during the marathon! It was a beautiful day and was great to get in a little extra movement.

Monday was restorative yoga day back at Ishta Yoga with Gina. This is by far my favorite yoga class of all time. I really enjoy Gina’s instruction and she picks the BEST poses.

Of course this weekend meant some questionable food choices, so back to weekday paleo this week! I’ve been doing strict paleo on weekdays and whatever I want (paleo or not) on weekends.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Anyone watch or run the marathon?!

Run #5

Ah, Thursday. So close to the weekend, yet so far away. In true “perpetually injured” form, I spent my morning at the doctor’s office, getting x-rays on a very painful thumb. Honestly, I have no clue what happened, other than I woke up one day with lots of pain and the next day it was worse. I really don’t want to play any games with my thumbs so to the doctor I went.


Not quite sure what the full diagnosis is at this point, but the good news is, I still got my run in. Can barely tie my shoes with only one thumb, but once I got past that it was smooth sailing. A nice dusk run, warm but not too warm, on a super flat out and back. Nothing to write home about, just getting the miles in.

What I DID get excited about last night was my shiny new membership to ClassPass. I am beyond excited to try out this new subscription type service. $99/month gets you unlimited classes at participating studios. While you can’t visit any one studio more than three times a month, I doubt that will be a problem given the crazy number of studios to choose from. While I haven’t sensed anything alarming while running, I can already feel my knees raging post-run, and am looking forward to getting in some cross training this way. I’m even considering replacing one of my three weekly runs with a lower impact class. I have been dying to try out a class at AQUA, so once my hand is cleared I intend to make that my first reservation. I’m also pumped to do some yoga outside of my living room, constantly dodging my two dogs. Has anyone out there tried ClassPass before? Would love to hear some recommendations.

Happy weekend!


  • 5 minute warm up
  • 12 x 2:00 walk, 0:20 run
  • 2:00 walk
  • 5 minute cool down

Run #3

After staying up past 2AM to hunt Altuzarra for Target, and with a wake up temperature of 39 degrees, I decided to stay in bed a little longer than planned this morning. Once I finally rolled myself out of bed, it felt like a beautiful sunny 70 degrees outside for run #3. This was also my first run with the new Mizunos. One run in those and I’m hooked. So glad I went back for those shoes – they are absolutely great. Felt perfect from my first step out the door. Today’s run was all around a great experience. New shoes, sunny day, and a BEAUTIFUL trail to run on.


In addition to all that, today’s run just felt good. I felt less fatigued at the end than I had earlier in the week, and I even felt like I had enough energy on the last few run intervals to really open up my stride and run instead of just jog. My last of 12 run intervals turned out to be at the same pace as my second interval (I am a huge data nerd and having info from my Garmin is like…the most exciting thing ever). It was a great way to cap off my first week of running, and the lack of fatigue makes me feel good about doubling my run time this upcoming week to a whopping 4 minutes.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday Runday!

Today’s workout:

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 12 x 2:10 walk, 0:10 run
  • 2:00 walk
  • 5 minute cool down

Run #2

Well. I was rudely introduced to fall today (full disclosure, I LOVE FALL – but didn’t pack for it). I was up at 4:30AM to catch a flight back home to take care of some business this week. It was in the mid 70’s, heading up to around 80 in NYC. Little did I know that Illinois would welcome me with open arms and a wind chill of 48 at run time. What the what?

Despite being in a zombie-in-an-icebox-state, I got my planned run in, wearing a brand new pair of shoes, no less! I am fiercely and exclusively devoted to my hometown running store for my shoes. As far as serious running shoes go, I have been pretty loyal to Mizuno, but thought I might branch out a bit. Well, the final decision came down to a battle between the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 and the Brooks Ravenna 5. I was feeling adventurous, and they both seemed like good options, so I went with the Brooks, and ran in them tonight.

Brooks Ravenna 5

Brooks Ravenna 5

Honestly not sure what I think yet, other than new shoes of any kind are so much fun. Since my house is like 1800 miles from my favorite running shop, I’ll probably stop by and pick up the Mizunos while I’m here anyway. Oops?

In addition to the new shoes, the cooler weather gave me a perfect opportunity to break in a brand-spankin’-new pair of bright purple Wunder Under Crops as well as a Run: Swifty Tech LS Scoop I picked up last week, anticipating cooler weather.

Anyway, back to the run. Felt good, and honestly the temperature really made the run pleasant – I warmed up nicely once I was moving. It was also great to be in my hometown where we have EXCELLENT running paths. Hit around 2.6 miles with the following workout:

  • 5 minute warmup
  • 12 x 2:10 walk, 0:10 run
  • 2 minute walk
  • 5 minute cooldown

It felt a little strange to only run for 10 seconds at a time, but as time goes on, that interval will grow.

Now a bit of a break before my next run Sunday, so will probably try to fit in a bit of yoga. I’m also trying out a mobile app called Headspace, designed to lead you through short, do-anywhere meditations. I feel like this emphasis on mindfulness can do nothing but help with my nutrition and fitness goals! What are some other good yoga/meditation tools you’d recommend?

Run #1

After a full month of only walking, Tuesday was the first official run day! While nothing went quite as planned, I still managed to make it! I overslept, eliminating any chance at fitting in the run in the AM, and my Garmin had just enough battery power to get me to…the front door…before dying. Luckily I had my trusty RunKeeper app to log my time and distance. I’m sure this is just one of many lessons in flexibility when it comes to training for a race. Luckily my improvisation seemed to work out just fine, and my run felt great. The run segments felt nice and easy, while I made sure to keep pushing myself through the walk portions. I prefer to get my workouts done in the morning, but I do enjoy the “loose” feeling I have when exercising in the evening. Any tips for getting loose before morning walks/runs?

Planned Workout (for 6AM):

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 12 reps of:
    • 2:10 walk, 0:10 run
  • 5 minute cool down

Actual Workout (at 8PM):

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 4 reps of:
  • 0:30 run, 4:30 walk
  • 5 minute cool down

Running Brooklyn at night

The Seawheeze

Well, here goes. After being completely seduced by the Seawheeze 1/2 Marathon, I decided that my training would need to start immediately, 49 weeks before race day. While I have a small amount of endurance event experience under my belt (a half marathon 5 years ago and a sprint triathlon a year ago), I never really trained properly for either one, and had to work through several injuries to even make it to the starting line of those events. My focus with Seawheeze 2015 is to make it to the starting line in relatively good shape. I realize that training for an endurance event taxes your body, and injuries are sometimes unavoidable, but this time I’m doing my best to commit to a plan that will help me train slowly and consistently. I’m hopeful that the internet will help keep me accountable through this process!