Eternally injured, but also eternally hopefully I will someday be a healthy endurance athlete. I have one half marathon and one sprint triathlon under my belt, enduring injuries while training for both, possibly because of the dreaded “too fast, too soon” and not having built enough base.

This time, I’m starting nearly a year out from the race. With almost no base to speak of, other than my daily NYC walking, I’m starting my training with a very conservative 5k plan and working from there.

While I’m using this blog as a workout diary of sorts, I hope to connect with other athletes and fitness enthusiasts to pick up some new tips and motivation. And of course make sure I’m actually getting my training in!

Will the internet keep me accountable? We shall see…

One thought on “About

  1. Hello.
    You came up in my email, as I’m subscribed to the blogging 101 course, same as you. So, there, my friend is what appears to be the only common ground, we share. But that being said, I don’t follow any athlete’s as of yet, as sports and fitness is on the opposite end of my interest’s scale…
    I’m an artist.
    Not an entirely unfit one, mind.

    So here we go…
    I’m intrigued to read more about your readying for your next big run.
    Peace. =)


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